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Revolutionary new lighter that uses an electric arc instead of a traditional flame. Check out Sparcker's features below and see how it will change the way you use lighters. 


  • USB Rechargeable

    SPARCKER is fully rechargeable via micro-USB (included). Get 100 to 300 uses in a single charge.

  • Windproof

    SPARCKER is completely windproof. Use it outside while camping, BBQ, hiking, etc. Trust the spark.

  • Safety Lock

    SPARCKER comes with a safety lock so you can store it away safely. 

  • Butane/Chemical Free

    SPARCKER is eco-friendly. Never worry about running out of butane.

  • Battery Indicator

    SPARCKER has a battery indicator. Each of the 5 lights on the front of the lighter represents 20% power. 

  • One Year Warranty

    Be worry free and enjoy a one year warranty. If the SPARCKER stops working, send it in to get a replacement. 

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How long should I charge a Sparcker? How do I know if it's charged?

Charging will take 1 - 2 hours. There are 5 lights below the safety lock. These are battery indicators. Each light represents 20% power. You know your Sparcker is charged when all 5 lights are lit up. 

What's included in the package?

You will receive:

- Gift Box x1 
- Lighter x1 
- USB cable x 1

Is a Sparcker safe to use?

Yes, Sparcker is very safe to use. There is a safety switch below the ignite switch to provide maximum safety. In addition, when you slide the ignite switch down, the plasma arc will initiate for 8-10 seconds then shut off in order preserve battery life.

What if my Sparcker stops working?

Enjoy a one-year warranty. Ask us for a replacement if your Sparcker stops working on arrival or within a year.

What should I watch out for?

1. Keep out of reach of children - Engage safety switch before storing 
2. Do not bring plasma arc in contact with skin 
3. Avoid storing lighter in extremely hot weather above 50°C 
4. Do not submerge in water