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Sparcker Lighter

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 SPARCKER is a new generation electric lighter that uses a plasma electrical arc instead of a traditional flame.

- 7 colors and patterns to fit your style - Black, Silver, Wood (x2) and Marble (x2) patterns.

- Built in recahrgeable lithium battery that uses a USB wire (included). A full charge requires 1-2 hours.

- Safety switch to provide maximum safety. In addition, when you slide the ignite switch down, the plasma arc will initiate for 8-10 seconds then shut off in order preserve battery life.

- Windproof plasma arc to provide easy and effective use on a windy day.

- No butane, so you never have to worry about running out of fuel. Avoid the harmful chemicals and be eco-friendly.

- Battery indicator in front of the lighter (5 lights). Each light represents 20% power. When all five lights are on, the lighter is at 100% power. Four lights equals 80% power, and so on.

- Hook located on the bottom for easy and convenient storage.

- Long neck provides access to hard to reach places and keeps your hand a safe distance away from fire.

- One-year warranty. Ask us for a replacement if your SPARCKER stops working on arrival or within a year.

- Candles, BBQ, Camp fire, Fireplace logs, Gas Stove, Cigar, Cigarette, Lanterns, Pipes, Camp Stove, Fireworks, Cooking fire, Burn end of paracords, ropes, etc.

- Gift Box x1
- Lighter x1
- USB cable x 1

- Keep out of reach of children - engage safety switch before storing
- Do not bring plasma arc in contact with skin
- Avoid storing lighter in extremely hot weather above 50°C
- Do not submerge in water

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